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LotusGrill Smokeless Charcoal Grill

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Product Description

A good barbeque is as much about the environment and experience as it is about food. LotusGrill's® are designed to enhance any occassional, whether at your home, the beach, on your boat, or on a picnic. Immerse yourself in the experience and let the grill do all the hard work.

Smokeless cooking in just 3 minutes


LotusGrills® patented design creates a bellows effect, forcing air over the charcoal. This creates rapid and high heat, essentially bypassing the smoking stage of the charcoal cooking process.

Even in the absence of smoke, you still get that delicious charcoal flavour, as natural hardwood charcoal (Not Heat Beads) emits these flavours through invisible safe gases. The only difference being you don’t ingest carcinogens and other harmful chemicals present in excessive traditional BBQ smoke. 

The other contributor to smoke is fat burning on the surface and smoke flare-ups when fat drips onto the coals. Well, another redeeming feature of LotusGrills® Design is that the charcoal cylinder is protected from dripping oils and fats -thus no smoke. Naked flames burn, stress and contort meat, making it tough and dry, with LotusGrills® precise temperature control dial and grilling process, getting stunning, delicious and perfectly tender food has never been easier.


Grill anywhere at anytime

The LotusGrill® is a very versatile cooking companion. At home - on the patio/balcony, the beach, on boats, at picnics, or camping, you can have perfect BBQ cooking without all the fuss and mess dealing with gas bottles or bags of charcoal as required by traditional BBQ’s. Sit back, relax and let LotusGrill@ do all the hard work. 

After cooking you can be packed up and leaving in minutes with the simple dismantling and coal extinguishing process of the LotusGrill®.

With LotusGrills® smart travel bag, you can pack all you need into one bag to save even more time and hassle! Oh, did we tell you the travel bag is free with every LotusGrill®.



 Safety first

The LotusGrill® has been designed with safety in mind, especially for Families.

It’s portable and weights just 4kgs. It doesn’t require electricity or gas. 

You have total control over the temperature by adjusting its inbuilt fan, it’s double walled construction ensures the outer frame and base will never become hot, eliminating any potential for hand burns. 

If the LotusGrill® is knocked over, dropped, or even tipped upside down, not a single charcoal can escape, because every component is securly clipped down, thus reducing a major hazard.

The LotusGrill® requires only 10% of the charcoal used by traditional charcoal BBQ’s, making it fast and safe to light the coals and dispose of the coals. Not to mention reducing the charcoal cost from $5 a BBQ to just 50 cents! 

The LotusGrill® does not emit naked flames, embers, nor require the mass dumping of hot embers. This makes it a smart BBQ choice for the outdoors this summer!


A Healthy BBQ 

The LotusGrill is a Healthy BBQ for several reasons.

1. Grilling with the LotusGrill® ensures a low fat and therefore calorie‐conscious style of cooking, because of its patented design, excess fat and oil cannot reach the charcoal and burn.

Thus, substances such as polycyclic aromatic hrydrocarbons, benzopyrene are not produced like in conventional charcoal BBQ’s. 

2. The LotusGrill® uses a thin metal grill surface ensuring excess fat and oil drips into the removable catching tray and not back into your food. The thin grill also reduces food sticking to it, so no need to add oil to your food.

3. The LotusGrills® patented radiant and thermal heat distribution system forces the natural charcoals to burn very quickly and at high heat, essentially bypassing the smoking process of hot coal formation. So no nasty carcinogens involved here.

4. You have total control of your LotusGrills® heat via the fan dial on the side. This will reduce the likelihood to burn your food which produces carcinogens. However, if you want the burnt charcoal effect on your food, then the LotusGrill® can most certainly do that for you. 

5. The LotusGrill® is designed to use natural hardwood charcoal. This product is not only superior in performance, it is natural and does not contain, nor emit, many of the nasty bonding agents and other chemicals found in briquettes (reconstituted charcoal beads). It also uses an ethanol gel (alcohol) to help start the charcoals. Other traditional charcoal BBQ’s use paraffin and petrochemical ‘fire starter’ products that are expensive and harmful if absorbed into food. 


Hassle free

Not only is the LotusGrill® cooking in just 3 minutes, it only has 3 parts (grill, catching bowl, and charcoal cylinder). This means that you need to only to clean the bowl and the grill after each cook which in soapy water takes just a few minutes. Or you can place directly into the dishwasher - These parts are 21/10 stainless steel, so are not only designed with outdoors in mind, but also your dishwasher too.

After you have finished cooking, you can pack up in minutes. Simply, remove the parts and place on the ground to cool. Ensure you pour water on the coals to extinguish them. Place them back in the unit, re-assenble the parts and you’re done! 

If you are in no rush, then simply relax and leave the fan unit going, you will burn your charcoal cylinder clean in 20-30 minutes (This assumes after an hour of cooking - Always check the charcoal unit for embers).









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